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Through the direct contact of NAMA with youth in its different programs, it was found out that guidance and appropriate majors selections are still of the problems that face youth in general. Based upon that, many students studied majors that do not fit their abilities and are not consistent with their personal preferences which resulted in universities overcrowding and students preference of specific majors more than others, and then change of majors later on, in a way that leaves negative effects on students and community.

Based on that, My Decision Campaign started to get youth aware of the importance of choosing disciplines that achieve a stable scientific and practical life.

  • Raise the awareness of youth of the importance of selecting majors that fit their literary and scientific preferences.
  • Raise the awareness of youth of the job market needs.
  • Raise the awareness of youth of the rare specialties required by the knowledge economy.

Factors affecting the academic and professional choice

  • Internal influences such as personal interests - family - friends

  • External influences such as labor market requirements – future required disciplines - community perspective

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